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2011, November 5
  Been away from the site too long, so efforts have been put toward streamlining the process when there's a free moment. Recently completed Blackhawks #3 finishes over Graham Nolan's solid story layouts and Superman #3 inks over impeccably refined pencils by Nicola Scott!

2011, July 29
  San Diego Con! Great chance to catch up with people I rarely get to see. Time was tight, what with wrapping up Kid Flash Lost #3 and helping out with Wonder Woman #614 inks over Lee Garbett!

2011, July 09

  New revamped site layout, featuring the recently released cover of Green Lantern Retroactive, with my inks over pencils by the superlative Darryl Banks! Currently providing inks on DC's Kid Flash Lost #3, written by Stirling Gates and pencilled by Oliver Nome!

2011, July 06
  Launching the new site! I bow to all the web designers out there that provide such polished pages. It takes a lot of planning and construction, along with no small modicum of html programming skill.
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