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Trevor Scott comic book artist

    Trevor Scott is a multi-talentented artist who has been working professionally in the comic book industry for
nearly 20 years. Back in 1992 he began his career thanks to generous support from fellow artist Art Thibert, who provided an unusually rich source of wisdom in all manners of the business, and Mike Carlin, who was gracious enough to risk giving him his first full issue work (on a Superman title, no less!), and proved to be a patient straight shooter about the realities of making comics.

    In 1993 Trevor was hired on by Homage Studios, an Image Comics branch founded by renowned artists Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Whilce Portacio, to provide inks over Scott Clark on the all new Stormwatch title. Not enough can be said about the generosity of the studio founders. Numerous opportunities followed that have been unusually well received, including positions on celebrated titles such as Team 7 and The Authority.

    Recently Trevor has completed inks on the all new Superman, issue 3, written by George Perez
and drawn with impeccable grace by Nicola Scott.

    Raised in the Los Angeles south bay area, Trevor now resides in Temecula, California, with his wife and two young sons. His interests, besides family and all things artistic, include playing soccer and expanding his computer skills.

All artwork is John Trevor Scott.
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